Cupid's Pulse Article: Valentine’s Day Special: Men’s Health and Report: 1 in 4 Brides Didn’t Love Their Wedding ProposalCupid's Pulse Article: Valentine’s Day Special: Men’s Health and Report: 1 in 4 Brides Didn’t Love Their Wedding Proposal

Regardless of whether we’re receiving it or making it, most of us would want to have one perfect proposal in our lifetime.  As a significant moment in any person’s life, the proposal should be memorable for both parties involved – a memory the two of you can treasure years after you’ve been married.

But according to Men’s Health and, one in four brides were unhappy with their wedding proposal.  The men’s magazine and online wedding planning resource partnered together to ask more than 3,000 men and women about what couples are thinking during one of life’s most talked-about moments – just in time for Valentine’s Day.  With more than half a million men planning to “pop the question” this season, the results of their fourth annual proposal and engagement survey is a source for men and women to learn about wedding proposal do’s and don’ts.  So before you plan your proposal to that special someone, take a look at what this survey had to say:

One in four brides were disappointed with their proposal: Twenty-six percent of brides wished their proposal was more romantic, original and personal, private, or thought it was way too fancy.  Perhaps the 76 percent of men who planned the proposal on their own should have asked someone for advice.

Proposing without a ring: According to 33 percent of brides, the worst proposal mistake a man can make is proposing without an engagement ring.  Yet half of the men surveyed beg to differ; they believe that blowing the whistle ahead of time and letting everyone in on the plan is the biggest proposal crime.

Men choosing the ring by themselves: Thirty percent of men said they chose the engagement ring without any help, but brides insist that it was only 18 percent.  In fact, 40 percent of brides went ring shopping with their future spouse, or chose the ring by themselves.  Overall, 96 percent of brides said they love their ring or it was exactly what they wanted (lucky them!).

Men are traditionalists: A majority of the men (76 percent) said it’s necessary to propose on a bended knee, while only 49 percent of women agreed.  However, when it came to asking the bride’s parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage, 57 percent of men and 63 percent of women say it’s a proposal do.

Sharing the news: Both men and women are on the same page when it comes to sharing the news.  Eighty-four percent called their parents first, followed by telling friends via email, a phone call or a text message.  Afterward, 72 percent of brides-to-be and 64 percent of grooms-to-be announced it on Facebook.  But when it comes time to post a photo of the engagement ring on Facebook, 29 percent of men agree that it’s tacky.

Men would propose to Jessica Alba, while brides would say “I do” to Jake Gyllenhaal: Statistics show that 43 percent of brides would accept Jake Gyllenhaal’s proposal.  And if given the chance, Jessica Alba topped the list, with 26 percent of men choosing to propose to her.

Well, there you have it!  It doesn’t get better than receiving advice from those who have already gone through it.  Now that you know what some of the proposal do’s and don’ts are, perhaps you’ll consider taking your significant other ring shopping, or figure out how to ask her parents for her hand.  Unless you want to be like Elizabeth Taylor or Mickey Rooney, who both received eight marriage proposals during their lifetime, all you’ve got is one shot – make it count!

If you’d like more input on how to pop the question, check out the’s proposal guide. The site is filled with engagement ring shopping tips, suggestions for a wedding proposal, and includes an engagement annoucement e-card to share the exciting news with everyone.