Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding To-Be: ‘American Idol’ Alum Pia Toscano is EngagedCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Wedding To-Be: ‘American Idol’ Alum Pia Toscano is Engaged

By Dejha Carlisle

The celebrity wedding bells will be ringing! Sources confirm that American Idol Pia Toscano just got engaged to beau Jimmy Smith, according to It is believed that the two got engaged about two months ago. Toscano showed off her new bling in an Instagram post Smith shared on January 1. The celebrity couple is very excited about their upcoming celebrity wedding!

There’s another celebrity wedding in the works! What are some ways to choose the perfect engagement ring for your partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

Engagement rings are supposed to be perfect, and you’ll have to know what your partner will like. Cupid has a few pieces of dating advice centered on how to pick the perfect ring:

1. Consider the wedding band that will go with the engagement ring: A wedding band will probably get worn more often than the engagement ring, but when both are worn, it’s important that they match. Choose the perfect wedding band first, since it will be worn non-stop, and then go from there as far as the engagement ring goes.

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2. Gemstones and settings: Does your fiancé want her engagement ring to include her birthstone, or does that not matter? If your partner isn’t too fond of cubic zirconia, you may want to steer clear of that as well. Get some ideas from her friends before you blindly guess on what she’ll like. Her mom might have some suggestions, too!

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3. Size really is everything: No, I’m not talking about the size of the rock. You have to be sure you know your partner’s ring size. You don’t want to buy a size three ring when your lady’s actual size is a seven! You want to be able to slip the engagement ring on without a problem after your propose.

What are some other things to consider when choosing an engagement ring? Share your thoughts below.