Cupid's Pulse Article: Will I Ever Find Love? Dating Advice for Women Over 40Cupid's Pulse Article: Will I Ever Find Love? Dating Advice for Women Over 40

In this week’s Single in Stilettos relationship advice video, founder and matchmaker Suzanne Oshima talks to relationship expert and intimacy coach Iris Benrubi about her best dating advice for single women over 40. If you’re wondering if you’ll ever find a relationship and love, check out the video above!

Three Tips to Help You Find a Relationship and Love

Here are three pieces of expert dating advice to help you meet The One:

1. Do something different: Look at what you’ve been doing in your search for love and try something new. “If you’re not meeting the right man and the same thing keeps happening in the dating scene…you need to start doing things differently,” Oshima explains. For instance, if you haven’t had any luck at a bar, head to the park or coffee shop.

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2. Handle your anxiety: There are a lot of risks when it comes to looking for love, and it’s important to handle the anxiety that comes with that risk in a healthy way. “Learn to soothe yourself so you’re not depending on a man to soothe you,” Benrubi shares.

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3. Learn to acknowledge men: “They need to know that you admire and respect them,” Benrubi says. It’s important that he knows how he makes you feel. It’s that simple!

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