Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Miranda Kerr Says BF Evan Spiegel Acts Like He’s 50Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple News: Miranda Kerr Says BF Evan Spiegel Acts Like He’s 50

By Katie Gray

In recent celebrity couple news, supermodel Miranda Kerr and billionaire boyfriend Evan Spiegel are enjoying their celebrity relationship. The couple opts for dinner at home and going to bed early versus going out. According to, the former Victoria’s Secret angel, Kerr, told The Edit, “He’s 25, but he acts like he’s 50. He’s not out partying. He goes to work in Venice. He comes home. We don’t go out. We’d rather be at home and have dinner, go to bed early.” Kerr has a celebrity dating history that includes her ex-husband Orlando Bloom, whom she has a son with. Bloom is in favor of this famous couple and they all get along well.

This latest celebrity couple news is surprising, given that Spiegel is 25 years old. What are some ways to know if your partner is mature for her or her age?

Cupid’s Advice:

Age is just a number, like the saying goes. Sometimes older adults can be immature and in other cases younger adults can be mature for their age. The way your partner behaves and their actions, is what ultimately determines if your partner is mature for their age. Cupid has some tips on determining if your partner is mature for their age:

1. Behavior: The way a person behaves declares their level of maturity. If they are loyal, honest and follow through with their promises, then they are mature. If they are flakey, unorganized and don’t take things seriously, then they may be on the immature side still. However; everyone grows as a person. Just because your partner may be immature for their age doesn’t mean they can’t improve!

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2. Actions: Actions speak louder than words. Your partner can tell you whatever they want, but it’s important to base their maturity on their actions. If they follow through with promises, call when they say they will, are consistent and so forth. Pay attention to these details!

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3. On the same page: The most important way to tell if your partner is mature for their age is to determine if you are on the same page in terms of your relationship. If you want something more serious, then it’s vital that they do, too. If you are both just having fun and taking things slow, then that’s another option. Just make sure that the maturity of the relationship is the same level of maturity of each partner.

How have you determined if your partner was mature for their age? Share your experiences below.