Cupid's Pulse Article: Former Celebrity Couple: Kourtney Kardashian Opens Up About Anxiety Post-Split from Scott DisickCupid's Pulse Article: Former Celebrity Couple: Kourtney Kardashian Opens Up About Anxiety Post-Split from Scott Disick

By Myesha Cobb

It’s easy to understand why Kourtney Kardashian has been experiencing anxiety issues since her split from celebrity ex Scott Disick. The reality TV star recently opened up on her website about how exercise is helping her deal with her heartache. “My anxiety is always worse in the mornings, so that’s when I schedule my workouts. I usually start with a quick run or jumping rope to warm up,” she writes. “People are very quick to judge others by appearances, but you truly don’t know what someone’s motivation is or what is going on inside them. For me, exercise is as much about my body as it is about calming my mind.” We hope this former celebrity couple can work through their problems and raise their three kids in a peaceful environment!

This former celebrity couple is moving on but not without a bit of a struggle. What are some ways to cope with anxiety after a break-up?

Cupid’s Advice: 

There are a lot of different ways to cope with anxiety; you just have to find what works for you. Like one half of this former celebrity couple, you may decide to head to the gym. Or perhaps you feel the most as ease when you’re in the kitchen preparing a new dish. Here are some other ways that you can find your zen after a split:

1. Check out the latest movie: There’s something relaxing about seeing a movie by yourself — especially if it’s that rom-com that your ex refused to watch! Grab a bag of popcorn and some M&Ms and let yourself get lost in the love story that plays out on-screen. You’ll not only feel refreshed after taking a break from your daily responsibilities, but you’ll also be reminded that true love does exist.

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2. Spend time with friends: Having fun with your pals is another way to shake off those post-break-up blues. Whether you have a low-key night at home or head to the hottest spot in town, you’re sure to feel better after some girl time.

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3. Get cozy with a book: Use your free time to enjoy a good book. You can pick up the latest Nicholas Sparks novel or finally check out that self-help book that caught your eye.

How did you beat the post-break-up blues? Share your love advice in the comments below!