Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Predictions: Katie Holmes, Gigi Hadid and Miranda LambertCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Predictions: Katie Holmes, Gigi Hadid and Miranda Lambert

By Shoshi

If you’re looking for the latest celebrity news on Hollywood romances, you’ve come to the right place! Below, I consider the future of three new celebrity couples.

Shoshi’s Predictions For These Celebrity Couples

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx: If you believe the media, Foxx and Holmes are secretly in love with each other. The thought of that makes me giggle. I always think that Tom Cruise has sent Foxx in to be his spy to find out what Suri is up to. While they would be a weird couple, it could also work. Foxx has always been tight lipped about who he’s dating and Holmes never reveals if she’s dating anyone. Both of them seem to spend more time with their children than anyone else. Could they be the perfect pair? I don’t see Holmes and Foxx in a steady relationship. However, I do see friends with benefits. They’re both sexy and single. Why not participate in some extracurricular activities from time to time? Don’t believe the media hype, but just know that we’ll be the last to know if they are officially a couple. Neither of them are going to talk.

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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik: All media eyes are on model and personality Gigi Hadid and former One Direction singer, Zayn Malik. It even looks like they spent New Year’s Eve together. At least, that’s what their photos would lead us to believe. Isn’t that what “couples” do?  With all of the time they’ve been spending together, we should file them in the couple category. At least for now. Hadid has the attention span of a gnat when it comes to her relationships and love. She is fickle, but she’s perfectly entitled to be that way. She’s young, hot, and figuring it all out. If I were her, I would do the same thing. This relationship will run its course soon enough. Hadid doesn’t have time for a serious relationship since she tends to be busy modeling and hanging with the Jenner’s. Right now she’s having fun causing a stir on Instagram with Malik. Guess they don’t have anything else better to do.

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Miranda Lambert and Anderson East: We all know that Blake Shelton is currently dating Gwen Stefani. But it looks like his ex, Miranda Lambert, is now seeing Anderson East. A photo on Instagram captured the two of them cuddling with the caption, “The snuggle is real.” As if we needed the clarification. Just who is this Anderson East? A rhythm and blues singer from Alabama. I had never heard of him until Lambert’s selfie. By the looks of it, this new relationship is the most interesting thing about him. When I look at this new celebrity couple, I don’t see much to the fling. I predict the main reason that she’s seeing him is to keep up with Blake and Gwen. The celebrity exes are playing a game of who can move on quicker. The media is falling in love with The Voice co-stars as they go on adventures around the globe. The last thing Lambert wants is to look pitiful and brokenhearted. Blake is all over the place having fun, it’s time for her to start posting her own “moving on” pictures. That’s not to say that she isn’t generally into East, I’m just not fooled by her calculated move. Lambert will move on when she finds someone better. If the rumors about her are true, East shouldn’t get to attached to her. As soon as someone better comes along Lambert will move on.

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