Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Yolanda Foster Says Ex David Foster ‘Probably Saved My Life’Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Yolanda Foster Says Ex David Foster ‘Probably Saved My Life’

By Kyanah Murphy

The holiday season can really bring gratitude to people, celebrities included. Though they recently went through a celebrity break-up, the latest celebrity news from reveals that Yolanda Foster and her now ex David Foster are still on good terms as Yolanda commented that her ex probably saved her life in a recent blog post. As Yolanda reminisced about the holidays spent with her family, she shared that David Foster made her do a full body scan before continuing treatment for her Lyme disease. Yolanda notes that the full body scan results really helped her make progress in her battle of her chronic illness. Though this celebrity couple is no more, it’s wonderful to see that both Yolanda and David still care for one another.

In latest celebrity news, these exes aren’t throwing punches. What are some ways to throw anger away in the midst of divorce or a break-up?

Cupid’s Advice: 

This celebrity news reminds us that just because we may be going through a split does not mean we have to be angry at our now ex partners. If you’re struggling with getting rid of your anger, Cupid has three tips on how to help you see less red:

1. Remember the good times: The relationship wasn’t all bad, as you were once with your ex and happy. Think back on those times and appreciate the good times and happiness that you both shared.

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2. Forgive: You’ve made mistakes and your ex has made mistakes. It’s important to forgive yourself and your ex for the mistakes you’ve both made and learn from them. It’ll help give you peace and help you be a better partner in the future.

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3. Look inside: Ask yourself why you are angry. Assess it. Ask yourself how does being angry benefit you? Ask yourself what you hope to gain out of your anger. Why can’t you let go? Though hard to do, by looking inward, we can help find peace and forgiveness which will ultimately help you accept what has happened and move on.

How did you put aside your anger regarding your split from your partner? What did you focus on instead? Comment below!