Cupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple: Kat Von D and Steve-O Hold Hands at AirportCupid's Pulse Article: New Celebrity Couple: Kat Von D and Steve-O Hold Hands at Airport

By Kyanah Murphy

As we enter into 2016, we have a new celebrity couple in Hollywood! shares the latest celebrity news with Kate Von D and Steve-O, showing this new celebrity relationship in full swing, reporting that the celebrity couple were spotted holding hands at LAX. This is not the first time the new celebrity couple has traveled together, as a few days earlier, Steve-O shared a selfie on Instagram with Von D mid-flight to their destination.

The celebrity couple who travels together, stays together! What are some ways going on a trip together can strengthen your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

You don’t have to be a celebrity couple to travel together. Why wouldn’t you want to travel with your partner, anyway? Cupid has three reasons that traveling with your partner is a great idea.

1. Sharing adventures: By going on trips with your partner, you get to share whatever adventure you’re going on. Even if it’s somewhere that seems like it would be no big deal, such as visiting family, bring your partner along! There are memories to be made!

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2. Enduring travels: Traveling is stressful as it is, but maybe your partner can help lighten the load by accompanying you. With your partner, you don’t need to shoulder any stress by yourself, whether it be airport stress, car stress, or family stress. Your partner is there for you.

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3. Making memories: It’s inevitable; you’re going to make memories together on your trip whether they are good or bad (hopefully there are more good than bad). Taking your partner with you on a trip means more memories for you both.

How has taking your partner on trips strengthened your relationship? Comment below!