Cupid's Pulse Article: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Are Having a Boy and a GirlCupid's Pulse Article: Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Are Having a Boy and a Girl

Ever since Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon confirmed their pregnancy last year, everyone has been wondering about the sex of their twin babies. It’s both a boy and a girl, a close source to the pair told The couple has been cautious about revealing too many details, as they struggled to conceive after a miscarriage in 2008. But when President Obama asked them about the pregnancy, they couldn’t resist and broke the news about having twins. The source said, “Those kids will have everything. Mariah and Nick are ecstatic.”

How do you prepare for opposite sex twins?

Cupid’s Advice:

Nothing can prepare you for that excited feeling you get when you discover that you’re expecting opposite sex twins. Wondering about how you should prepare for their arrival? Cupid is here to offer some advice:

1. Necessities: Although you’re ecstatic about the arrival of fraternal twins, financial worries can sometimes get in the way.  Supplies such as diapers, food, toys and other baby gear can be shared.  However, you have to invest in items that every opposite sex twin needs, such as clothing and safety seats.

2. Bedrooms: Are your twins going to share the same room for a long time?  It’s best to divide the space in half, decorating the sides based on their gender.  If they won’t be sharing, then choose a neutral color for the rooms by staying away from pink and blue.

3. Stereotypes and comparisons: Studies show that parents treat opposite sex twins differently and are also frequently comparing them.  If the girl learns to talk before her brother, it doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong him.  Make sure to treat each twin equally, and understand that they are unique and will have individual talents.