Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Flesh and Bone’ star Karell Williams Talks Relationship Advice Saying, “Be True, Be Real, Be Vulnerable”Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: ‘Flesh and Bone’ star Karell Williams Talks Relationship Advice Saying, “Be True, Be Real, Be Vulnerable”

Interview by Rebecca White. Written by Emma Malefakis.

If you’re a fan of dancing and the arts, you may know the up and coming celebrity actor Karell Williams from the Starz mini-drama Flesh and Bone, which is a fictional series about dancers caught in the cut-throat world of professional ballet. From freelance performing, to teaching, and now acting, Williams is determined to do it all. Flesh and Bone premiered this November, and has already received a Golden Globe nomination. We recently chatted with the star in our exclusive celebrity interview about his experience transitioning to on-screen acting, and he also gave his best career and relationship advice.

Celebrity Interview: Karell Williams Shares Career and Relationship Advice

Williams has always been passionate about dancing but has recently shifted to acting as well. As for how he ended up on the small screen, he explains “I wanted to challenge myself artistically in another way.” He moved back to New York where he was focused on becoming a triple threat: singer, dancer, and actor. Then he heard about the Flesh and Bones auditions. “It wasn’t until then that I realized this was really something I wanted to do,” the ambitious dancer shares.

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Switching career paths can definitely be difficult. Williams advice for anyone wanting to branch into something new would be “you only live once, so push yourself through it.” He agrees that in this day and age, professionals need to be able to do everything, not just what their job description entails. “You need to explore all facets of your abilities,” he says. “Don’t be scared. Take the leap of faith and your work ethic will proceed you.” And yes, there may be challenges with the transition. “I don’t see them as difficulties, but more as experiences and challenges,” says Williams. “Performing on-stage and performing for the camera are different and each comes with its own challenges, but I like challenges.” While difficulties aren’t always something to shy away from, there’s no doubt there are certain fears and anxieties that come along with them.

However, Williams says there wasn’t much anxiety for him when signing on to this particular project. “Truth be told I didn’t really know what I was getting into,” he says. It wasn’t until he started auditioning that he realized Moira Walley-Beckett was the writer of the series, the same writer and producer of the top rated hit show Breaking Bad. It wasn’t until the dance portion of his audition among some of the best dancers in New York City with cameras recording the whole thing that the aspiring actor realized what a big deal and opportunity he was immersing himself in.

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This opportunity worked out in the dancer’s favor, as he landed the role of Trey, a trendy, feisty, free spirit in the ballet world. “Trey and I are completely different,” he says. “He’s mean and bitchy, and I’m not really like that.” However, he will admit that him and Trey share the same trendy style. Trey certainly brings the drama in the show, so Williams gave us some dating advice on how to deal with drama in real life, specifically when it comes to relationships and love. He says he lives by the quote “society has become so fake the truth actually bothers people.” His best relationship advice is “to be appreciative and present in your relationship and never forget to communicate. Never mute who you are to make someone else comfortable. You have to be true, be real, be vulnerable, and be authentic.”

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When it comes to making time for your partner in order to put this relationship advice to the test, the busy actor says it’s as simple as prioritizing. “Yes I’m busy, but I’m not the busiest man in the world,” he says. “If Obama can tuck in his kids and give Michelle a kiss goodnight, then I have no excuse!” he added with a laugh. “You have to make sure you make time for what comes first, the people who mean the most to you, or your career.” In our celebrity interview, Williams says he will be prioritizing his friends and family this holiday season. He admits he rarely cooks, so potlucks with a few of his best friends will be as good as it gets.

Karell Williams Talks Date Night

Holiday dinners aren’t the only things he likes to keep simple. Williams also believes less is more when it comes to winter date ideas. His dating advice is to “keep it simple, Netflix and chill baby! At the end of the day it’s all about who you’re with, not what you do.” We can definitely agree that as long as you’re with someone you love and care about, you’re guaranteed a great time. As Williams liked to put it, “it’s not about location, it’s about company.”

Don’t have a Netflix subscription? No worries, you can Starz and chill for the Flesh and Bone season finale. “I’d say expect the unexpected,” the show’s star excitedly tells us. We can also expect a big dance number at the end of the episode! The finale airs on December 27th at 8 p.m. on Starz.

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