Cupid's Pulse Article: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Marries Personal TrainerCupid's Pulse Article: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Marries Personal Trainer

A royal wedding!  Last Saturday’s lavish ceremony between Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria and her former personal trainer, Daniel Westling, rivaled Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer’s spectacle in 1996.  According to Telegraph, King Carl XVI Gustaf initially disapproved of the union because of Westling’s ‘commoner’ status, but granted the couple’s wishes to show his country that he can modernize his methods and way of thinking.

How can you make a relationship work without your family’s blessing?

Cupid’s Advice:

Relationships can be tricky business, but if you’ve found your soul mate, it shouldn’t matter where they come from – or what your family has to say about your partner.

1. Be up front: Don’t hide any potentially negative details of your partner’s past.  Your loved ones shouldn’t pass judgment unless it’s for a good reason.  If they do, they should know you’re committed to seeing the relationship through, despite their opinions.

2. When to say stop: If your family continually dismisses your mate, tell them how much it hurts and affects you.  Ask them politely to stop bashing your partner.  If they don’t, consider distancing yourself to make the point even clearer.

3. Open lines of communication: If you’re honest and keep your family involved, any feelings they have against your pairing may disappear as they see your love and relationship develop.