Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: Top Four Places to Meet Mr. RightCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Dating Advice: Top Four Places to Meet Mr. Right

In this week’s dating advice video from Single in Stilettos, founder Suzanne Oshima and relationship author Duana Welch discuss the top four places to meet Mr. Right.

Consider This Expert Dating Advice If You Want to Meet Mr. Right

To follow this expert dating advice, the best places to meet Mr. Right are listed below:

1. Look for your future in your past: Welch says that 10 percent of women have a “lost love.” If you broke up because of outside circumstances, like moving away or a background difference, it’s worth reconnecting. These couples “often know within one hour that this person is The One for them,” explains the relationship author. “And their divorce rate is two percent.”

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2. Ask your friends and family to set you up: Statistically, most people meet their significant other this way. It’s so successful because it capitalizes on familiarity and safety. “It’s an informal matchmaking process that works really well,” says Welch.

3. Get online: Between 2002 and 2008, according to the Harris Survey, one in three new marriages were between people who met through online dating — and those couples were slightly happier than pairs who met another way. “That’s my story,” the relationship author of Love Factually shares. “I met my husband online.”

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4. Use the Law of Proximity: You’re most likely to marry someone you’ve met in person (duh!), and therefore, the single biggest predictor of a life partner is geographic nearness. “You need to put yourself next to this person,” Welch says. “Let’s say that you’re taking a couple of college classes, and there’s a really attractive guy in that class…You need to sit next to him.”

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