Cupid's Pulse Article: Expert Relationship Advice: Travel 101 for the GuysCupid's Pulse Article: Expert Relationship Advice: Travel 101 for the Guys

By David Wygant

What should a man know before going on vacation with his significant other for the very first time? Well, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. You’re going to see your significant other in a whole different way when you go away with her. If you follow my expert relationship advice, I strongly suggest you engage her to see how she handles certain situations.

Follow This Expert Relationship Advice on Your First Vacation as a Couple

The first thing you are going to learn is her level of flexibility. When you take a person out of their everyday surroundings, they need to become a little more, let’s just say, flexible. Whether you spend three or four days with her walking around a city or vacationing in paradise, you are going to see how flexible she is outside of her day-to-day routine. How does she roll with the punches when the person in the next hotel room is loud at night? Or when she doesn’t have any cell service and can’t check her e-mails? What about when you guys get into a little tiff? Because those things are bound to happen when you go on vacation with somebody.

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Another thing you’re going to learn about is her habits. When you’re dating somebody, they tend to be on their best behavior. For instance, they won’t check their phone as often as they usually do. But when you take them out of their environment, you’ll get an idea of her real social media and texting habits. How often does she look at her phone? How often is she checking her e-mail or Instagram? Is she answering texts and phone calls from friends when she is away with you? You’re going to quickly figure out how her attention is spent. Is she present in the moment? Or is she constantly thinking about work?

You get an idea of who somebody is because, when you take them away, you’ll start to learn about how well they can relax. One time, when I took somebody away for the first time, I realized after that three-day trip that it would be our last vacation ever. She couldn’t get out of work mode. She was constantly checking her phone, constantly worried about things back at home. She wasn’t present at all, and it taught me a lot about her and about the type of relationship and love I was going to have with her. You see, when we were together on a Saturday night, it was easy for her to hide all of those things…but when we were together for five days straight, she couldn’t hide those neurotic behaviors.

Another great thing you can learn about somebody is their sleeping habits. Most of the time, when you take someone away for the first time, you spend a night or two together. Imagine spending a week with them and taking a look at their real sleeping habits. For instance, how long does she spend in the bathroom before bed? I was dating an awesome girl once, but after our first trip, I realized that she spent 90 minutes in the bathroom every night doing who knows what. I couldn’t believe that was how her days always ended!

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Traveling with your partner is really an amazing experience. It allows you to see somebody for exactly who they are. Here’s my best expert relationship advice: Go away together for a week. That length of time will allow you to get an idea of their habits and of their flexibility when they’re out of their comfort zone. It’s easy for a woman to pack a bag and come to your house for a night, but it’s a challenge for her to come and hang out with you for a full week. You will learn so much about who she is.

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