Cupid's Pulse Article: Christina Aguilera Approves of New Celebrity Couple Blake and GwenCupid's Pulse Article: Christina Aguilera Approves of New Celebrity Couple Blake and Gwen

By Katie Gray

In latest celebrity news, the newest celebrity couple, country singer Blake Shelton and pop star Gwen Stefani, get the seal of approval from their co-star, Christina Aguilera. She says of this celebrity relationship, “If you find someone who makes you happy, you gotta go for it. So they deserve it and they deserve to be happy.” According to, Aguilera is set to be on the next season of The Voice and is thrilled for the show’s first romance. Blake and Gwen are both dealing with the aftermath of their celebrity divorces.

This new celebrity couple is getting a seal of approval! What do you do if your friends don’t approve of your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

When your loved ones approve of your relationship, it’s a weight lifted off of your shoulders! However, it can be rough if your friends don’t approve. The best way to handle your friends’ disapproval is to communicate with them, have them get to know your partner better in a social setting, and listen to what they’re saying. Cupid has some advice:

1. Communication: Communication is the key to any problem in life. If your friends are not in favor of your relationship, voice your feelings to them on the subject. Figure out why they don’t like your relationship or your partner, and then work through it. Communication is the first step!

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2. Interactions: The most common reason for your friends not liking your partner is probably that they just don’t know your partner well enough yet. This can be solved by some good interactions! Get everyone together for a nice dinner or a fun activity. Once they see the fun side of your partner, they will begin to like them – just as you do.

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3. Listen: Your friends care about you and want what is best for you. If they don’t like your relationship, this means that they are concerned for you. Listen to what your friends have to say on the subject of your relationship. Let them explain to you their concerns and then come up with solutions to the problem together.

What are some ways you have handled your friend not liking your relationship? Comment your stories below!