Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Is One Direction’s New Song ‘Perfect’ About Celebrity Ex Taylor Swift?Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Is One Direction’s New Song ‘Perfect’ About Celebrity Ex Taylor Swift?

By Kyanah Murphy

It looks like Taylor Swift is getting another spoon of her own medicine. Celebrity news surrounding One Direction’s new song “Perfect” is speculated to be about the “1989” pop-star and her celebrity ex, Harry Styles, according to Of course One Direction isn’t spilling on whether the song is entirely about the former celebrity couple Harry Styles and Taylor Swift or not. The boy band wants to leave it up to fan interpretation. Well, this seems to be the fan interpretation!

This celebrity news could be very telling! What are some ways to use music to express your emotions about a relationship?

Cupid’s Advice

Odds are, this celebrity news is probably spot on as music really helps people convey their emotions. Celebrities are no exception. If you’re curious to how music can help someone, Cupid is here to share some ways with you:

1. Music can help you say what you feel: Sometimes you can’t express yourself properly just having a conversation with someone. That’s where music can step in. A lot of the time music has a way of saying what you feel.

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2. Music can actually make you feel better: When you listen to music, such as sad music, it will help express how you feel as well as make you feel better, according to science.

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3. Music can affect the mood: Whether it’s a 😉 mood or a positive mood, music can set the atmosphere. Upbeat music can make you feel happier, sad music may bright you down, or 😉 can put you in the mood.

How have you used music to help areas of your relationship? Comment below.