Cupid's Pulse Article: Miley Cyrus Relies on Family for Relationship SupportCupid's Pulse Article: Miley Cyrus Relies on Family for Relationship Support

Despite rampant rumors and widely differing upcoming schedules, Miley Cyrus assured People magazine that she and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth have not broken up.  The couple has worked to stay out of the spotlight after the Last Song press tour, and despite scheduling struggles, Cyrus credits a tight family bond in keeping them together for 10 months.

How important is a family’s bond in keeping a relationship strong?

Cupid’s Advice:
Family can make or break a relationship, and in Cyrus’s case, her family has had a direct hand in her past few relationships. While relationships come and go, family is always there.

1. Family is a constant: As much as family members can be a hassle, it’s ideal for them to approve of your significant other in order for you to have a healthy relationship with both sides of the field.

2. They’re your support system: Mom’s comfort food.  Dad’s sound advice.  A sibling’s crazy distraction.  Many people rely on their family in tough times in a relationship.  You want your family to know your significant other so they can help you decide what’s best for you when you need guidance.

3. Families need to fit: Your other half should be able to fit in with your own family. This is a way to avoid major conflict down the line.