Cupid's Pulse Article: Nick Carter and Wife Lauren Kitt Are Celebrating First Celebrity PregnancyCupid's Pulse Article: Nick Carter and Wife Lauren Kitt Are Celebrating First Celebrity Pregnancy

By Kyanah Murphy

Backstreet is back, and it looks like Nick Carter and his wife Lauren Kitt are expecting a junior Backstreet Boy with their first celebrity pregnancy. The celebrity couple shared that Kitt is four months pregnant, according to The famous couple are overjoyed, as they had been trying to have a celebrity baby for awhile.

Add another celebrity pregnancy to the record books! What are some ways to know your partner is parent material?

Cupid’s Advice:

Another celebrity pregnancy is well on its way. Have you been bitten by the baby bug? Unsure if your partner is parent material? Cupid’s here to give you relationship advice on what to look for to see if your partner can handle a baby:

1. Your partner is mentally mature: It’s okay to be a kid at heart and have childish moments in life, but to be childish all the time is not a sign of parental material. You don’t want a “baby raising a baby” after all.

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2. Your partner is committed: He or she should be committed to you, committed to your pet, committed to their job, etc. Your partner isn’t playing games and is committed to what they do.

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3. Your partner is financially stable: Your partner knows when to splurge and when it’s time to save. They fairly help you with the bills and necessities. They’re not going out and buying everything under the sun once they’ve been paid.

Expecting a baby or already have one? How did you know your partner was parental material? Comment below.