Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Lifestyle Coach Laura Baron Talks Relationship AdviceCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Interview: Lifestyle Coach Laura Baron Talks Relationship Advice

By Mackenzie Scibetta

If you’re looking for guidance or direction in your life then listening to the unapologetic and uncompromising lifestyle coach Laura Baron may be just what you need. With a background in television, Baron has appeared on countless reality TV shows such as Bad Girls Club and You’re Cut Off, giving contestants a taste of her own philosophy regarding career tips, relationship advice and family affairs. Baron is returning to the small screen as a relationship expert on Oxygen’s new show Fix My Mom, which premieres tonight at 9/8 c, where she will tackle the issue of complicated mother-daughter duos who need serious help mending their bond. In our exclusive celebrity interview, Laura Baron offers her professional take on reality TV, dating and divorce.

Timeless Relationship Advice from Reality TV Life Coach

In your experience, where have you found that women are most in need of a life coach? And, at what age do you feel this is most common?

My private clients range from late twenties to late forties. They’re usually at a transitional point whether it be in a relationship and love, a job, or getting back to who they really are. A woman reminding herself of her true value is often the underlying theme.  But any age and any time is the right time, as long as she’s ready to do the work!

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One of the mother-daughter groups faces a problem because the mother is dating younger men. What advice do you have for mother’s who are on the dating scene and don’t want to upset their children?

This shouldn’t be about upsetting the children, this should be about setting expectations that EVERY member of the family deserves happiness. I don’t subscribe to the idea that mother’s should put their lives on hold to satisfy their kids. It’s strengthening for kids to see that mom is also a woman and there is life outside of the family. They will grow up with less guilt that their mom sacrificed everything and less obligation to be her sole support. In the process, moms can have open discourse to assure their kids understand she’s not looking to replace them or their father, but merely looking to add more love and support into their lives.

When is it the right time for a parent to start dating again after a divorce or tough break-up? And, how do they ease back into it if they have been out of the dating game for a long time?

The time is right when that parent feels ready. It’s not about the action of going out to date, it’s about the communication at home to make sure the kids feel safe and loved. They can ease back in by starting to have more social times with their same sex friends.  Establishing a social life outside of the home is often the first hurdle parents have to get over. Then, get open and say hello.

We see it time and time again, women settle for second best and end up in unhealthy relationships. What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone to help them avoid or break this pattern?

To avoid getting in a toxic relationship, before you date others, date yourself. People who get into sub-standard relationships are looking to fill a need. Get honest with what you’re working with, so you can both better take care of yourself and also look out for where you’re letting someone in for the wrong reasons.

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What are three red flags (not obvious ones) that a woman can look for to know whether or not she is in a toxic relationship from the very beginning?

1. Pattern of control. Unhealthy partners want to control you and it usually starts small. You deserve authority over all decisions you make.
2. Rude behavior. How people treat others who cannot ultimately ‘benefit them’ (i.e. waitstaff) is who they ultimately are. Someone who is comfortable belittling or being rude to another human regardless of their perceived status is going to eventually treat you the same way.

3. Woman power. There are men who love women and men who do not. You can tell by how he talks about women, treats the women in his life, and ultimately how he treats you. Choose a man who loves women, that simple.

What is the best lesson viewers can take away from watching Fix My Mom?

Change is not limited to these women. Yes, they worked their tails off. Please allow that dedication to inspire you, that ANY RELATIONSHIP CAN HEAL, as long as both people are committed. And as long as women support each other ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

If you want to read more about Laura Baron or receive more advice then check out her website, or follow her on Twitter @asklaurabaron and Don’t forget to tune into Fix My Mom tonight on Oxygen at 9/8 c.