Cupid's Pulse Article: Heidi Klum Talks Life After Celebrity Break-Up from SealCupid's Pulse Article: Heidi Klum Talks Life After Celebrity Break-Up from Seal

By Abbi Comphel

Heidi Klum finally opened up about her life after her celebrity break-up from Seal. reports on Klum’s recent Redbook interview. She told them, “I’m a mom and dad at the same time.” Seal has always spent a lot of time traveling, so Klum is using to taking over with the kids. These celebrity exes have been apart for a while now, since January 2012. Klum is enjoying her life and the time she spends with her four children.

This celebrity break-up was a real heart-breaker. What are some things to consider before breaking up with your partner when you have kids?

Cupid’s Advice:

When two people fall out of love, it can be tricky figuring things out when you have children. Cupid has some relationship advice on what to do when you are breaking up and you have kids:

1. Make a plan: Before you decide to make the big split, you must come up with a good plan when it comes to the children. Especially when you are telling them what is going on. This will be hard enough on them, so make sure it is organized and they understand what is happening.

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2. Be friends: The best way for things to be peaceful with children involved is for you and your partner to be friends. If you two can put your differences aside and raise your children together, that will make a big difference.

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3. Share time: Make sure you are both getting enough time with your children. Spread the time evenly and make sure the children feel the same way. It can be hard having to go back and forth, make it as simple as possible for them.

What should you consider when breaking up with your partner and you have children involved? Comment below.