Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Paris Jackson and Chester Castellaw Look Happier Than EverCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity Couple Paris Jackson and Chester Castellaw Look Happier Than Ever

By Mackenzie Scibetta

Paris Jackson, the only daughter of Michael Jackson, was seen looking radiant while out and about in Malibu with her boyfriend, Chester Castellaw. As reported, the celebrity couple began dating in April and haven’t slowed down since, only expressing more and more adoration for one another. This famous relationship brings hope to young love as Jackson and Castellaw are only 17 and 18 years old, respectively. Jackson’s guardian, TJ Jackson, expressed signs of approval while also warning and giving love advice to other parents to “keep a close eye”.

Cheers to this celebrity couple! After tragedy, what are some ways to cheer your partner up?

Cupid’s Advice:

Not all of us have to deal with a tremendous loss like Paris, losing her father Michael Jackson at the tender age of 11. However, we all face troubling situations and must learn how to conquer them. What’s harder than overcoming our own struggles? Helping your partner find happiness again after difficult circumstances. Cupid is here to help you navigate through tragedy to cheer your partner up:

1. Do something they’ve always wanted to do: You know that one thing on their bucket list that they always say they’ll get to doing but never actually do? Go do it with them. Take them on an adventure and check off items from their bucket list to encourage happiness.

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2. Get out of the house: After an appropriate amount of time your partner will need to stop sulking. You need to push your loved one away from misery and into a world of new experiences and fresh memories. Take them out of the house and go exploring, eat at a new restaurant, see a movie, or do anything to help create new memories to push out the negative ones.

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3. Be there to talk to, but understand when they need space: Always remind your significant other you’re willing to listen to their problems, but don’t push them into telling you anything. Some days they will need their private time, so take note of that and do not get offended. When they have these days, offer to make them soup or rent them a movie. Emphasizing that you’re there when they need you is a big comfort.

How do you like to be cheered up when you’re having a rough day? Comment below.