Cupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Rihanna Opens Up About Why She Got Back Together with Chris BrownCupid's Pulse Article: Celebrity News: Rihanna Opens Up About Why She Got Back Together with Chris Brown

By Abbi Comphel

Rihanna has finally opened up about her relationship and subsequent celebrity break-up with Chris Brown and why she chose to get back together with him for a short time after he abused her. This celebrity news has been on all of our minds for quite some time! According to, Rihanna shared with Vanity Fair the details of her celebrity relationship with Chris Brown. She thought she would be able to change him at the time. She told Vanity Fair, “Sometimes you just have to walk away.” She still cares about Brown, but the two aren’t friends and are not in each others’ lives. Glad to hear Rihanna is in a much better place in her life now!

This celebrity news has been a long time coming. What are some ways to move on after an abusive relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

Getting out of an abusive relationship is never easy, but the aftermath of it can be even worse. Here are some ways to move on after this type of relationship:

1. Find yourself: Don’t let this relationship define you. At one point, you were a happy person who loved the life you lived, so it’s time to find that person again. Take some time for yourself, go out on walks, go to the movies by yourself, learn how to be happy by yourself and remember your self worth!

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2. Move on: Do not let this past relationship hold you back from finding love! It can be hard to trust again, but not everyone is going to be like the last person you were with. Who knows, if you actually give someone a try they could turn out to be the one!

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3. No regrets: When you think back on this relationship, don’t beat yourself up and wish that it had never happened. Yes, it ended up in horrible circumstances and this should have never happened to you, but it has only made you stronger as a person. You can take this and turn it into something positive, perhaps helping others to avoid making the same mistake.

What do you think are some ways to move on from an abusive relationship? Share below.