Cupid's Pulse Article: Pregnant Morena Baccarin Plans Celebrity Marriage to ‘Gotham’ Co-Star Ben McKenzieCupid's Pulse Article: Pregnant Morena Baccarin Plans Celebrity Marriage to ‘Gotham’ Co-Star Ben McKenzie

By Kyanah Murphy

There’s a celebrity marriage and a celebrity baby on the way! According to, Morena Baccarin announced that she plans on marrying Gotham co-star Ben McKenzie once her celebrity divorce is finalized with Austin Chick. Baccarin shares that she is three and a half months pregnant, making this Baccarin and McKenzie’s first child together. It’s quite the exciting time for these two love birds!

Hollywood drama is on a high after this celebrity marriage to-be announcement! What are some ways to keep past relationships from affecting your new one?

Cupid’s Advice:

During these happy times, there may be rocks between you and your ex. Here are Cupid’s tips on how to keep your past relationships from affecting your new one:

1. Do not fall for any bait: If there are hard feelings between you and your ex, it’s possible that they may try to get a rise out of you. For example, they may say things to you do deliberately upset you. Positively rise above this and don’t give in.

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2. Focus on you and your new relationship: Your partner may be hurting but you need to focus on you and your new relationship. The breakup is something your ex has to handle on their own and you should not let their hardship with the breakup affect you. If it does, it can cause difficulties with your new relationship and nobody wants that!

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3. Try to be amicable: Even if your partner isn’t being amicable, you can always try to be. Be positive towards them; wish them well and try to interact positively with them rather than hostile. This will help reduce your stress with negativity kept down and prevents that negativity from entering your new relationship.

Have you had to keep your ex from your new love? Share below on how you kept your ex from affecting your new relationship!