Cupid's Pulse Article: Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting File for Celebrity DivorceCupid's Pulse Article: Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting File for Celebrity Divorce

By Kyanah Murphy

2015 seems to be the year of celebrity divorce. Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting are the next celebrity couple to be calling it quits on their marriage. After 21 months of marriage, this celebrity breakup comes as a bit of a shock! reports that in April, Cuoco was defending Sweeting, making statements that she was proud to be Sweeting’s wife and that all the negative talk about their relationship was just making them stronger. Now, here we are at the end of September and these two are celebrity exes. Perhaps the former celebrity couple moved too fast as they became engaged after three months of dating. Either way, another one bites the dust!

Celebrity divorce strikes again! What do you do if you realize personality differences after you get married?

Cupid’s Advice:

Personality differences don’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, you don’t want to date a mirror of yourself – that has divorce written all over it. Cupid has some tips on how to handle your relationship when you notice differences between you and your significant other.

1. Accept that your significant other is different than you: Remember, you don’t want to date yourself (no matter how fabulous you are). Your partner brings different qualities and traits to the relationship and odds are you’ll balance each other out.

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2. Compromise: Part of being in a relationship is having to compromise with one another. You will make compromises on what’s for dinner, where to go for dinner, where to go on vacation, and a bunch of other situations due to differing personalities. Just remember that this is completely ok.

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3. Make each other feel valid: If your personalities clash, be attentive to your partner’s wants, needs, and desires. Even with their goals in life. Make your partner feel heard and understood. Validation stems from acceptance and will help you with compromise. Validation will help you have positive results from conflict rather than negative ones.

How do you handle personality differences with your significant other? Comment below!