Cupid's Pulse Article: Throw a ‘Gilmore Girls’ Viewing Party and Get Love Advice from the SeriesCupid's Pulse Article: Throw a ‘Gilmore Girls’ Viewing Party and Get Love Advice from the Series

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By Mackenzie Scibetta

Although the eccentric mother-daughter duo of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore have sadly been off of television for eight years, their charming bond will live on as UPtv has just acquired all seven seasons of the beloved show Gilmore Girls. Starting on Oct. 4 at 10 a.m. EST, you and your besties can fall back into the storybook town of Stars Hollow to watch 15 hours of heartbreaks, budding romances, and sweet friendships that will leave you with relationship and love advice for years to come. Rivaling any celebrity relationship, Lorelai and Rory’s lovable dynamic truly shows what family is all about. If you really want to immerse yourself in this complicated family drama, throw a viewing party with your girlfriends to welcome them back!

Gilmore Girls Viewing Party Essentials

To ensure that your Gilmore Girls viewing party runs smoothly, make sure you have an endless supply of snacks. Lorelai and Rory always ate an impressive amount of sweets and junk food — don’t be scared to indulge for the sake of the Gilmore’s! Since they loved take-out, order a few pizzas and some Chinese food, and you’ll be set. Lorelai also had a soft spot for breakfast diner food (and who can blame her?). Have a carton of eggs, some pancake mix, and a package of bacon on hand to help you and your friends feel right at home. Comfort food always has a way of sparking deep conversations, so be ready to dish out some of your best relationship advice to your pals.

An interesting way to keep the energy flowing throughout your marathon is by holding a coffee drinking contest. When it comes to beverages, you may recall that this mother-daughter duo were notorious for the amount of coffee they managed to drink each day. You and your friends can try to keep up with them, coffee for coffee! As an added bonus, this game help you and your guests stay awake and alert until the last episode airs at 3 a.m. EST.

Another fun way to keep you entertained and enlightened during the marathon is to see who can identify the most pop culture references on the show. Some references are so subtle and cleverly said that they’re easy to miss! In addition to watching out for those pop culture references, you will see pop-up facts that UPtv will reveal throughout each episode to highlight Gilmore “firsts” and other trivia. Gather as much knowledge as you can to become the ultimate Gilmore Girls fan!


Cupid's Pulse Article: Throw a ‘Gilmore Girls’ Viewing Party and Get Love Advice from the Series
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Keep Your Eyes Peeled For These Must-Watch Episodes and Love Advice

1. “Kiss and Tell” (Season 1, Episode 7): This episode marks the true start of Rory and Dean’s whirlwind relationship, as he gives Rory her first kiss in the middle of a grocery store aisle. Romance is rarely as glamorous and smoothly-planned as it seems on television, so this episode provides a refreshing take on this milestone and shows that it’s okay for love to be clumsy.

2. “The Breakup, Part 2” (Season 1, Episode 17): Seeing Rory utterly heartbroken over the end of her and Dean’s short-lived romance broke not only our hearts but also Lorelai’s. Attempting to overcome her split with a rebound kiss from the irresistible Tristan, played by Chad Michael Murray, Rory shows us that sometimes nothing can heal heartache, not even a steamy lip-lock. Rory leaves Tristan to wallow at home, demonstrating that grieving is totally acceptable.

3. “They Shoot Gilmores, Don’t They?” (Season 3, Episode 7):  This episode has everything: choreographed dance numbers, love triangles, and the start of Rory and Jess (who were actually a celebrity couple in real life for four years!). Although it’s heartbreaking to see Dean call it off with Rory (again), watching Lorelai come and save the day reinstates that she’s the best mom in the world. The episode reminds us that the end of one relationship opens the door to many others. 

4. “Raincoats and Recipes” (Season 4, Episode 22): Lorelai finally opens up her dream Dragonfly Inn for a test-run, and her life finally appears to be going uphill. On the opposite side, Rory uncharacteristically loses her virginity to Dean, who is married. All the while, Lorelai’s parents admit to being separated. This episode is an emotional roller coaster from the beginning, and it lets viewers see how chaotic and confusing love can be.

5. “Written in the Stars” (Season 5, Episode 3): This episode was long-awaited by many fans: Luke and Lorelai finally go on their first official date together. Luke proves to be more caring than he appears after he shows Lorelai he has saved the horoscope she gave him eight years ago. This episode proves that soulmates really do exist and that Luke and Lorelai are meant to be, even though it took an extremely long time for them to figure that out!

6. “Wedding Bell Blues” (Season 5, Episode 13): On the 100th episode, Lorelai’s parents rekindle their relationship and love and renew their vows, while Rory and Logan almost make their romance official. This episode highlights that every relationship can survive rough patches. After all, the stubborn Emily and Richard were able to find their way back to each other again.

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