By Kyanah Murphy

It’s rare these days for girls to save their virginity for the right partner or marriage. But Bachelor in Paradise star Ashley Iaconetti is doing just that – holding onto her virginity for the right guy who she believed may be Jared Haibon (who seemed pretty lukewarm about their relationship and love life throughout their stay in Paradise)! According to the answer to whether or not Ashley lost her virginity to Jared is “no,” according to him. Jared ended up leaving the show the next day in an effort not to lead his admirer on.

Bachelor in Paradise is officially over, and the drama was out of control! What are some ways to know if you’re ready to be intimate with someone?

Cupid’s Advice:

Everyone is different, which means there isn’t a set guide for knowing when you are ready to be intimate with someone. However, Cupid has some relationship advice:

1. Know yourself: How do you feel with your partner? How do you feel with the idea of being intimate with them? Do you trust your partner? Are you comfortable with them? These are questions to keep in mind. If you’re unsure how to answer them, you’re not ready.

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2. Consider what you want out of your intimacy: Do you want to be intimate because you feel like you need to, or do you feel like your partner may be “the one”? If you feel like you need to be intimate and need to get it done and over with, it may leave you feeling regretful afterward.

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3. Consider how you feel about sex: Are you comfortable talking about sex in general? Are you comfortable talking about sex with your partner? Are you comfortable thinking about sex? If there’s any sort of discomfort, you’re not ready.

When did you know you were ready to be intimate? Comment below!