By Maria N. Capalbo

According to, Ben Affleck flashed his celebrity wedding band and a smile during his appearance on the red carpet amidst the celebrity cheating scandal he has been facing. His good friend, celeb Matt Damon, said that Affleck is doing well. Affleck did not say much, and left left shortly after the premiere was finished.

Whether it’s celebrity cheating or not, the public backlash can be brutal. What are some ways to keep your head up in the wake of public reaction to a scandal?

Cupid’s Advice:

Public reaction to scandal may sometimes ruin a reputation and cause unnecessary drama. Cupid has some dating advice to help you keep your head up during a scandal below:

1. Remain calm: Always remain calm and never stress yourself out when it comes to rumors and drama about yourself. Stressing yourself out is unnecessary and gets nothing accomplished.

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2. Do not give in to rumors: Over time, you are going to hear more and more rumors about yourself. Answering to any of them only creates more drama. Let people wonder what the truth is and continue to mind your own business.

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3. Never let anyone know what you’re thinking: Keep a smile on, and never let anyone know that you are angry or upset. If you act like nothing is bothering you, things will soon fade, and you will most likely not be bothered anymore.

What are some ways you’ve kept your head up during a scandal? Share below!