By Courtney Omernick

You’ve just found out that your significant other is having an affair; and it’s something that you never wanted to hear. That being said, it can be worse wondering whether they’re betraying you or not, and there are signs to look for in that situation.

Whether you’re dating, in a relationship, or single, read these pieces of dating and relationship advice below on how to tell if your partner is having an affair.

It can be tough to tell if your partner is having an affair, and you don’t want to wonder about it too much. Cupid has some red flags:

1.Their behavior changes: If your partner suddenly breaks an established routine or stops wearing their wedding ring for no reason, these could all be signs that he or she might be having an affair.

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2. Showering/cologne/perfume: If your significant other comes home and showers right away when they work an office job, that could be a bad sign. If they smell differently when they come home, or if they’re starting to buy new fragrances at the store, it’s cause to at least check things out.

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3. Discomfort: If your partner seems less comfortable around you and gets easily angry when they weren’t in previous months, this could be a sign. If h also stops attending social gatherings with you, you may want to start asking questions.

What’s your relationship advice for our readers? Have you ever found out your significant other was having an affair?
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