By Meranda Yslas

It looks like this celebrity couple is taking the next step. According to UsMagazine.comCalvin Harris is planning to take Taylor Swift to Scotland for a few days to meet his parents after being in a Hollywood relationship for only four months. The celebrity couple isn’t shy about their relationship either. Earlier in July on Britain’s Kiss FM, the DJ shared that dating the “Blank Space” singer is “absolutely fantastic” and that he is “insanely happy.”

This celebrity couple is taking the next step! How do you know when you’re ready to introduce your partner to your parents?

Cupid’s Advice:

Introducing a new partner to the parents is a pretty serious step in a romantic relationship- you don’t do it with every guy or girl you go out with on a date. It’s hard to know when to take your relationship and love to the next level, so Cupid has some dating advice of when to bring your beau home:

1. You’re both committed: If you both feel that this relationship isn’t just a fling and are expecting something long term, then it’s probably the right time to let the family meet the new guy or girl.

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2. Meeting the friends: Use your friends as a tester before introducing your significant other to your parents. If the get together was a success and your friends are supportive of this new love, meeting the parents will be the next logical step.

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3. Excited to share the news: If you are excited and eager about the idea of having your family meet your new mate, then go with that gut feeling. If you’re embarrassed of your partner or doubtful of your parents’ approval, then you might want to wait and see how the relationship and love pans out before bringing in the folks.

What are some other signs it’s time to introduce your partner to your parents? Share your thoughts below.