By Courtney Omernick

Relationships and love can feel like the greatest things that have ever happened to you; especially when these are new feelings. This is a time when you might be receiving a lot of relationship and dating advice from friends who are in long-term relationships. However, this is simply a time for you to feel your feelings.

Below are five emotional stages of being in a new relationship and love.

1. They’re perfect: Seriously, the person that you’re with can do no wrong. They seem to like all the right bands, love the best food, watch the greatest movies, and so on. How could nobody else want to be with this person?

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2. Everything reminds you of them: You both might not have a lot of experiences together yet, but, somehow, everything reminds you of them. The song on the radio, the new Chinese restaurant in town, roses, it’s all relevant.

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3. You need to figure out their past; now: You feel like you spend so much time with them, yet, you don’t know anything about them. What do their exes look like? What happened in their past relationships? What was their favorite thing to do when they were a kid? Start asking questions.

4. Ut oh, you’re both mad: You haven’t fought yet, but now you’re both mad at each other. How do you work through this? How does the other person express anger and frustration? This is a new path you both will travel down together.

5. What if this ends one day?: Things are going really great right now, and you don’t want to think about things ending. But, what if it does? Will you two still be friends? How are you going to feel about that?

What are some other emotional stages of being in a new relationship and love? Comment below!