The job, the husband, the family and the body: Kate Reddy (Sarah Jessica Parker) has it all — at least on the surface.  Reddy, a financial executive for a big New York company in Boston, is also the main breadwinner and mother of two in I Don’t Know How She Does It.  Problems she has juggling this already busy lifestyle become worse as Reddy makes an ambitious pitch to her boss (Pierce Brosnan) while her husband (Greg Kinnear) lands a new job. Based on a book of the same title, Parker’s character has to learn that everything she aims for has a price.


How do you know when you’ve put your career ahead of family?

Cupid’s Advice:

Although this is difficult to determine because each person’s situation is different, here are some ways to determine whether work is taking over your life:

1. Necessity: It’s one thing if you’re bringing in all of the income for your family and it’s another thing if you don’t necessarily need to be away from them.  Try to keep a balance if at all possible.

2. Kids are suffering: Should you choose to focus on your career and less on your partner or family, you need to make sure your kids will be well taken care of; if not, you need to tone the work down a notch.

3. Future repercussions: It’s not always a question of what you love more (family or career), but often a question of your emotional attachment.  Decide which you would miss more if you were to give it up.

Release Date: Sept. 16

Rating: 2.5/5