By Carly Horowitz

Jinger Duggar is pregnant with her and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo’s child. According to, Duggar was especially taken back by one aspect of pregnancy. “I do think probably what surprised me most is just being so tired all the time,” the Counting On reality TV star revealed. This celebrity couple is going strong during this beautiful time of pregnancy as Duggar explains that Vuolo has been an amazing help and has gotten her take-out food many times because the kitchen made her nauseous. Although now, Duggar is feeling great carrying her celebrity baby 24 weeks along. The gender of the baby has not yet been revealed.

In celebrity baby news, Jinger Duggar is surprised about her level of tiredness during pregnancy. What are some other things to expect when you’re expecting?

Cupid’s Advice:

The process of carrying a baby for 9 months is simply beautiful. Although, you may loose sight of that when you are going through difficult stages of your pregnancy. The last thing you want to do is be surprised. If you are aware of how you may feel as you go through this journey, it can make it a lot easier. Not every woman goes through the same struggles during pregnancy, but nevertheless it is beneficial to be aware of what different things may occur for you during this time:

1. Frequent forgetfulness: Don’t be alarmed if you search the entire house for the car keys when the whole time you had just put them in your pocket five minutes beforehand. You are not loosing your mind. Sudden forgetfulness is actually a common occurrence in pregnant women. It is due to lack of oxygen in the blood. Sometimes, this is referred to as “pregnancy brain.”

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2. Foot swelling: Some women may experience foot swelling while they are pregnant as well. Your feet may even grow up to one full shoe size. Don’t be shy to ask for a foot rub from your partner or close friend. Carrying a baby is a lot of work! You deserve the relaxation.

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3. Skin tone change: Obviously when you are pregnant, your appearance will be changing in many ways. One that you may not have thought about is change of skin tone, yet, this is a pretty common aspect of pregnancy. Additionally, more changes in skin will include a bunch of stretch marks near your stomach area and you may even begin to have some pimples on your face. It is all natural and okay. Embrace these wonderful changes and look forward to this new life inside of you that will be emerging soon.

What are some other things to expect when you’re expecting? Comment below!