By Jessica Gomez

In celebrity news, Naomi Watts showed support toward ex Liev Schreiber while he was at the Golden Globes, according to Watts watched the Golden Globes from home with their two sons. She posted a photo Sunday via Instagram of her two kids hovering over the television cheering their daddy on. How cute!

These celebrity exes are supporting one another even after their break-up. What are some reasons to continue supporting one another after a split?

Cupid’s Advice:

Seeing this former celebrity couple get along so well is a beautiful thing, and we should follow by example! Cupid has some advice as to why you should be on a good note with an ex after a split, a good ex that is. Here are three reasons why:

1. For the children, if you have any: It is important for children to see their parents get along. It helps them through the separation process, and helps them feel balanced and in harmony. You don’t want hostility and bad vibes around!

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2. Closure: Why end on a bad note? Going through a break up can be a hard time with emotions running high. However, when your ex isn’t a bad person, it’s good to leave things on a good note. Resolve your issues and get closure — it brings peace and helps you move on.

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3. You never know what life brings: This is important! You may never speak or see your ex again, but then again, you may run into them again. It’s always good to keep a good relationship or reputation with as many people as possible, although it’s not always possible. Whether you run into an ex in the future in a professional setting or a social one, you would not want an awkward situation to unfold.

Why do you get along with your ex? Comment below!