By Mallory McDonald

With a lot of our time spent watching reality television, checking social media on our phones and constantly having tasks to do throughout the day, working out your brain just doesn’t always make the list. In fact, many people including celebrities don’t make time to exercise one of the most important parts of our bodies. Fitness trends have been taking over America and healthy dieting options are becoming our go-to. With all of these switches to a more healthy lifestyle, don’t skip out on your brain in the process! For less than 50 cents a day, $14 a month or a $96 yearly subscription, you can become smarter than you have been in years!

Don’t Waste Your Time On Average Brain Exercises On The Internet. Get a BrainHQ Subscription and See Results Almost Instantly!

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Posit science has worked countless hours to make sure this product is not wasting your time or your money. BrainHQ’s co-founder, Dr. Michael Merzenich is an internationally respected leader in the field of neuroscience. Top researchers from around the world help to test, work and create all of the exercises and courses from BrainHQ. The program has a unique patented approach to keeping your brain fit. Each exercise you will participate in has a specific science basis and training goal.

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When you subscribe to BrainHQ it unlocks 26+ exercises and more than a dozen special courses. These exercises and courses all specialize in different areas such as attention, memory, people skills, navigation, intelligence and brain speed. Taken together, these exercises and courses exercise the entire brain for broad improvements to many aspects of brain function. Unlike other brain exercises, BrainHQ has been published in over 70 scientific papers published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and other top journals. All of these articles say that BrainHQ provides real benefits to the brain. Results include better memory by an average of 10 years, safer driving due to sharper focus and much more!

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