Interview by Lori Bizzoco. Written by Cortney Moore.

There’s very little Christina Milian can’t do. She’s a performer that can sing and dance, as well as act. These three traits definitely came in handy during her role as Magenta in the Fox broadcast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s Do the Time Warp Again, which aired on October 18. In our exclusive celebrity interview, Milian opens up about her relationships, Thanksgiving plans, career and what it’s like being a homemaker.

Learn what Christina Milian thinks it means to be a homemaker in this exclusive celebrity interview!

Milian has recently made news with her friendship to celebrity ex Nick Cannon. The pair dated for two years in the early 2000’s, but since then have recently been seen hanging out with each other. Milian confirms that they are only friends, saying, “It was good to catch up, it’s been over 10 years, so that was a friendship that I always valued.” She also says it’s been nice experience for them to reconnect as parents, and that it has been fun discussing family life with someone who understands. Is the next logical step getting back together? Milian laughed, saying, “Well you never know, we’ll see what happens!”

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Meanwhile, Milian’s 6-year-old daughter Violet keeps her on her toes. “Now she lets me know how I should be making the decisions in my life and how we should reschedule my life to make sure she’s incorporated in every single part of it,” which is something Milian went on to say she loved about her daughter. When asked if Violet had any interest in show business, Milian says she’s steering her toward education, but would be supportive of her daughter either way. With regard to raising Violet, Milian says her mother and father were a big help. “It really took a village to raise the household, to keep the house clean and safe, especially around the holidays,” she says. Everyone in the Milian home contributes in some way, whether it be serving the table or cleaning up after each other. This especially holds true on Thanksgiving Day.  As for family traditions, Milian likes to enjoy her Thanksgiving in her pajamas and cooking delicious food. “You better make two types of stuffing,” Milian jokes in reference to differing palates. If you’re ever making stuffing for Milian, make sure it has raisins in it!

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More recently, Milian has partnered with Pine Sol to redefine what a homemaker means. “Homemaker was just mom, and now it’s also grandma, it’s grandpa, it’s stepmom, it’s a combination of different people,” Milian explains. The initiative hopes to get people to share their stories on social media through #MakersOfHome, to show that other family members contribute to making a home. She is also involved with Pine Sol’s charity Together We Rise, which aims to improve the lives of foster children. “This time of year I think it’s really great for people to help other people,” Milian goes on to add. “Philanthropy is very important to me, especially in the foster care system.” Aside from her partnership, she’s moved on from her reality tv show to other projects. Keep an eye out for new music in 2017. She also has a role on the new Fox show Superhuman alongside Mike Tyson and Dr. Rahul Jandial, which will begin to air next year.

For more information about Milian, check out her website, Follow her on Twitter @ChristinaMilian.