By Myesha Cobb

The Bachelor star Jade Roper recently shared some tragic celebrity news after Lady Gaga’s powerful performance at the 88th annual Academy Awards ceremony. The reality TV star revealed that she was raped as a teenager, and she revealed how much damage she suffered from the heartbreaking tragedy. She discussed the personal story on her blog this past Monday and included an uplifting message at the end telling other females that they are not alone. She said, “The Lady Gaga performance gave me the courage to speak about my story, a story that’s been trapped inside me for over 12 years. I hope that sharing my experience will help girls and women know that they are not alone. And that you have to voice things in order for things to change. And always always always: You matter.”

This celebrity news is eye opening for many reasons. What are some ways to help your partner heal from a tragedy in their past?

Cupid’s Advice:

This celebrity news is truly tragic yet presents room for some relationship advice and some love advice. When you are in a relationship, you partner could have gone through something tragic in the past that still might bother them present day. Here is some relationship advice and some love advice that will help your partner heal from a tragedy in their past:

1. Ask them to talk about it: Let your partner know that you are always willing to listen to their past, including their tragedies. Talking about it with them will allow them to not only vent, but it’s a healing process. Sometimes when we go through certain issues, we just want someone to talk it out with. Listening is key!

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2. Seek counseling: Do not be afraid of going to counseling with your partner. Going to counseling together does not mean that your relationship is terrible. The therapy can be specifically for your partner, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go with your partner for emotional support. The counselor may offer some love and relationship advice on how to further help your partner on healing from past tragedies.

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3. Do something that might be therapeutic for your partner: What is something that’s calming and serene that your partner likes to do? Do it together! Your partner may not necessarily want to always talk about their past tragedies, but that doesn’t mean that the healing process can’t be let out through other things. Maybe going bike riding, getting a couples’ massage or even meditating together are great ways to help your partner heal.

What are some ways that you have helped your partner heal from a tragedy in their past? Share your relationship and love advice below!