By Jasmine Igwegbe

It was no joke when Jay-Z referenced Beyonce in a song saying, “Put us together, how they gon stop both of us?” This celebrity relationship romance has been rising to the top since the early 2000’s when it first sparked. In celebrity couple news, during Super Bowl 50, Jay-Z sent his wife Beyonce 10,000 roses before her half time show, according to Talk about true love!

This celebrity couple is obviously still big on romance. What are some ways to ramp up the romance in your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice: 

At one point or another, everyone thinks about a way to ramp up the romance in their relationship, but very few take the steps to do it. It may be because you’re not of how to go about it! Cupid has some advice for you:

1. Let your partner know how attractive they are to you: Tell them how beautiful, handsome or great they look on any given day. There are times we have doubts that our partner isn’t attracted to us. Periodic reassurance is key to a successful romance.

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2. Surprise your spouse: If you’re going to the mall to get something for yourself, pick up something for your partner as well and surprise them with it. You can even save it for a day they are feeling blue. Gifts can always turn a frown upside down.

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3. Extra special loving: When you first see your partner for the day, hug or kiss them a little bit longer than usual. Show them how much you love them with affection. Touching your partner throughout the day can also spark romance in your relationship.

What are some ways to ramp up the romance in a relationship? Share your great ideas with us below.