Cupid's Pulse Article: Dating with Dignity TelesummitCupid's Pulse Article: Dating with Dignity Telesummit

Smart, Successful, But Still Single?

We Can Tell You Why & Help You Get the Man You Want

Join 30 of the world’s best dating experts in an exclusive Dating with Dignity Summit to discover how to really identify and break free from past patterns that keep you single, so you can date — and keep — an amazing man who truly loves you.

Join this FREE, 30-day online summit where the world’s best dating experts come together in a nurturing space of compassion to help you identify why you’re still single, show you how to get out of the dating rut, and arm you with real-world, uncensored advice to become a more confident, sexier and magnetic version of YOU so that you can attract the quality man you want.

This is why the Dating with Dignity Summit is your personal panel of experts to show you what you need to know — uncensored and constructive — in a nurturing space of compassion and understanding.

We’ve secured 30 of the most amazing speakers, experts, authors, and coaches for this summit, and they can’t wait to give you their absolute BEST advice on dating, relationships, sex, confidence, body image, and more.

So what are you waiting for? Join us now for a transformative 30-day journey and let’s begin dating with dignity.

Let’s meet some of the experts who are here to guide you:

Marni Battista – September 24

Patty Contenta – September 25

Arielle Ford – September 26

The Finalists of Dating Den – September 27

Damona Hoffman – September 28

Suzanne Oshima – September 29

Cheri Valentine – September 30

Marni Kinrys – October 1

Carol Allen – October 2

Mat Boggs – October 3

Debi Berndt and Dr. Robert Maldonado – October 4

Dr. Sheri Meyers and Jonathon Aslay – October 5

Evan Marc Katz – October 6

Allana Pratt – October 7

Marni Battista – October 8

Tai Lopez – October 9

Kim Seltzer – October 10

Christine Hassler – October 11 

Orna and Matthew Walters – October 12

Kavita Patel – October 13

Scott and Shannon Peck – October 14

Anastasia Netri – October 15

Ellen Smoak – October 16

Mary Morrissey – October 17

Lauren Frances – October 18

Adam Gilad – October 19

Dana Myers – October 20

Bobbi Palmer – October 21

Dr. Sara Gottfried – October 22

Larry Michel – October 23