Cupid's Pulse Article: Jessica Simpson Talks Up Eric Johnson’s ‘Perfect Tush’Cupid's Pulse Article: Jessica Simpson Talks Up Eric Johnson’s ‘Perfect Tush’

Jessica Simpson isn’t shy about letting her fans in on the details to what she finds attractive in her fiance, Eric Johnson, according to  In fact, Simpson tweeted on Saturday, “Saying my prayers before bedtime…Thank you Lord for blessing me with a Man that has the perfect Tush.”  This isn’t the first time Simpson has made a public declaration about her love and attraction to free agent Johnson.  The duo have been captured in the past locking lips in Italy as well as licking frosting off of each other’s faces.

Are physical attributes important in a partner?

Cupid’s Advice:

The rules of attraction are vague, as people have their own preferences.  Sometimes we don’t like to admit that our boyfriends won us over initially with their looks (and then later his personality), but there may be more to it than just an easy pair of eyes:

1. It’s all science: While we may swoon for a man with a strong jaw, what our subconscious is seeing is a man with good genes who is a potential mate.  Even though we think we’re choosing our partners, our primal instincts may really be running the show.

2. It’s not just looks: Sometimes after you’ve been in a relationship for awhile you sit and joke with your girlfriends about how you landed your flame.  Pheromones, or a subtle scent that every person emits like a perfume, can attract you to your match more than looks alone.

3. Physical attraction is important: No matter the reason, there’s no denying that you need to be physically attracted to your partner in order to be in a successful relationship.  As long as you like him for more than his good looks, that’s all that matters.  That said, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating his assets!