Cupid's Pulse Article: Did Reese Witherspoon and LeAnn Rimes’ Men Pay for their Rings?Cupid's Pulse Article: Did Reese Witherspoon and LeAnn Rimes’ Men Pay for their Rings?

With new celebrity engagements comes speculation over the rings.  The debate gets heated when A-listers pair with relatively unknown individuals because people question how the future groom can afford his bride’s massive diamond.  Jeweler Johnny Brookheart explained to E! Online how men like Jim Toth and Eddie Cibrian purchase rings for their fiancées (Reese Witherspoon and LeAnn Rimes, respectively).  Brookheart explained, “For celebrity clients I typically ask for half the value down and generously finance the rest for a long term….We keep a team of experts on retainer who can help us value and collateralize almost everything under the sun. Houses, horses, art, watches, etc. We’ll either help them secure a loan with their assets, or we may just make a trade.”  If further financial help is needed, Brookheart explains that his jewelers present the grooms with discounts, though the generosity of the discount is measured by “… how willing the star is to assist in crediting the jeweler after the proposal…It’s always a negotiation, but this is where being A-list really pays off.”

What do you do if your partner can’t afford a nice engagement ring?

Cupid’s Advice:

While it’s always nice to receive a pleasant shock when coming face -to-face with a giant diamond ring for the first time, this expectation is not always realistic.  If your partner can’t afford a nice engagement ring, here are some options:

1. Pay together: Try splitting the cost of the ring to make the burden easier on the both of you.  This way, you’ll be able to get the ring you really want without making your partner worry.

2. Get a temporary ring: Try wearing a thin golden band instead of a diamond ring.  When a time comes when you and your partner are both more financially capable, then buy a bigger engagement ring.  Plus, then you’ll have two rings with sentimental value!

3. Go without a ring: There is not a law requiring engagement rings.  If you have your heart set on a diamond, then buy a more affordable necklace or bracelet.  If you don’t care for jewelry, celebrate by going on a small vacation, or save the money for the future.