Cupid's Pulse Article: A-Rod’s Kids Like Kate Hudson Better Than Cameron DiazCupid's Pulse Article: A-Rod’s Kids Like Kate Hudson Better Than Cameron Diaz

Apparently, Cameron Diaz pales in comparison to Kate Hudson when it comes to boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez’s kids.  According to, a source says that Natasha, 6, and Ella, 2, “liked Kate more than Cameron, since she had Ryder [Hudson’s 6-year-old son].  They really miss him.”  Diaz has been doing her best to get on the kids’ good side while vacationing in Cab San Lucas, Mexico over the holidays.  Hopefully, all of her efforts don’t go unnoticed!

What do you do if your kids don’t like the person you’re dating?

Cupid’s Advice:

Your kids are some of the most important people in your life, and their opinion of your new partner will definitely have an effect on the relationship.  Cupid has some advice on what to do if your kids aren’t thrilled about the person you’re dating:

1. Find out why: If your kids have a reason beyond “he’s not my dad” to dislike your new relationship, you need to find out what that reason is and, if possible, find a way to fix it.

2. Put their needs first: As hard as it is to hear, being a parent is your first priority.  If your children don’t get along with your new partner, then you may need to rethink the relationship.

3. Give it time: Sometimes it’s just hard for children to adjust to new faces.  Although they may not initially be thrilled with your relationship, time may be the answer.