Cupid's Pulse Article: Jason Mraz Discusses Why Fiancee Tristan Prettyman is “The One”Cupid's Pulse Article: Jason Mraz Discusses Why Fiancee Tristan Prettyman is “The One”

Singer Jason Mraz is sure his fiancée, Tristan Prettyman is “The One.” reports that Mraz’s certainty stems from his devotion to the number 23.  “[Prettyman and I] hit it off instantly by syncing our interest in this magical prime number,” said Mraz on his blog.  “Whenever she or I come upon it, whether being sat at table 23, or assigned seat 23 on a plane, we almost-always and/or involuntarily think about the other.”  In fact, Mraz proposed on the magical 23rd of December.  “We both see this being a long engagement, but would love to get married within the next 2.3 years,” said Mraz. “She will likely retain her beautiful name, but should she decide to hyphenate, Tristan Ann Prettyman-Mraz makes 23 letters.”

What are signs that your partner is “The One”?

Cupid’s Advice:

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if your partner has the potential to be “The One.”  Here are a few signs:

1. He supports you: A supportive partner will most likely be amenable to any changes your career throws at you, like sudden moves or a change in salary.  Support is necessary if you and your partner are going to provide for each other both emotionally and financially.

2. You have the same goals: You and your significant other need to be confident in your future together.  If you both wish for kids or want a small house by the beach, then you’ll find that making decisions in the future will be relatively painless.

3. Your instinct: You can do all of the analyzing you want, but eventually what it comes down to is how you feel about your partner.  You may not see fireworks or flashes of light across the sky, but at the very least, a small part of you will “just know.”