Cupid's Pulse Article: Christie Brinkley Says Finding Love Isn’t a PriorityCupid's Pulse Article: Christie Brinkley Says Finding Love Isn’t a Priority

Even though Christie Brinkley has been divorced for two years, she’s in no hurry to find love again, according to People.  Why?  According to the model, she’s not as likely to meet people when she has her kids with her, which is a lot of the time.  Also, she says, “you never really know if someone is talking to you because you’re a celebrity.  It’s not my number one priority.”  Brinkley currently has three children, and says that being a mother “takes a lot of work.  My works makes me a better mom.  It gives me a little door to step out of my parenting and bring the excitement from that day back home.”  Her advice to bounce back from a painful divorce?  “You’ve got to find a way to keep laughing, even if it’s black humor, and my friends are very good at that,” she says.  “Some people think of happiness as a luxury, but it’s a necessity, and you need to make space for it in your life.”

How do you know if someone likes you for the right reasons?

Cupid’s Advice:

Celebrities can never tell if people are into them because they’re famous or because they actually like them.  Even for those of us who aren’t famous, it can be tough to tell if someone’s interested for the right reasons.  Here are some hints:

1.  Eye contact: It may seem simple, but if someone is actually interested in what you’re saying, he will make eye contact with you during a conversation.  If it seems like he’s constantly glancing around to see who’s watching, he might be a fake.

2. He’s attentive: He sends you cute texts in between dates, he remembers things you said the last time you saw him and follows up on them, and he goes out of his way for you on a regular basis.  These are all signs that he likes you for you.

3. He sings your praises: Instead of simply telling his friends he’s dating you and leaving it at that, he gushes to them about all of your finer qualities — the ones that matter.  This proves he’s actually getting to know you and likes what he sees so far.