Cupid's Pulse Article: Advanced Clips: Bravo’s Millioniare MatchmakerCupid's Pulse Article: Advanced Clips: Bravo’s Millioniare Matchmaker

Just because you are a millionaire, it doesn’t mean you know how to use that money to dress right. Patti brings in the big guns, her favorite image consultant to help her client Matt look the part of a successful and interesting man as opposed to quirky and uptight.  Also struggling with appropriate style, Patti’s millionairess of the week Elena, doesn’t mind showing a little (or rather, a LOT) of skin.  Will Matt and Elena agree to play by Patti’s rules and attract the right kind of date or will the two clients stick with the looks that have failed them in the past? Find out this Tuesday 12/28 @9/8c on BRAVO’s The Millionaire Matchmaker 4

Changing the Image: Patti Stanger brings an image consultant to help this millionaire attract the right man.

How to Date an American: This millionairess from the former Soviet Union isn’t too sure how to date an American.