Cupid's Pulse Article: Bristol Palin’s Ex Levi Johnston Has New GirlfriendCupid's Pulse Article: Bristol Palin’s Ex Levi Johnston Has New Girlfriend

His Facebook status makes it legit: Levi Johnston is “in a relationship.”  Bristol Palin’s ex-fiance is dating Sunny Oglesby, an Oregon native currently residing in Johnston’s hometown of Wasilla, Alaska.  The question on everyone’s mind is, what does his Dancing With the Stars alum ex think?  According to Us Weekly, Palin is happy about this newest development.  “I have to be happy for Levi’s new relationship,” she says.  “Because it sounds like his new girlfriend is influencing him to want to actually spend time with Tripp.”

How do you know if your partner is a good influence?

Cupid’s Advice:

You may think you’re independent and aren’t susceptible to outside influences, but you’re probably wrong.  Cupid has some ways to tell if your partner is having a good impact:

1. Ask your friends: If you’re having a hard time figuring it out yourself, consulting outside observers is your best bet.  Your close family and friends can often times see things you can’t about your relationship.  Ask them if they’ve noticed any good or negative changes in you lately.

2. You feel passionate: The worst thing that can happen in a relationship is that your partner takes away your desire to do what you love.  If you feel even more inspired and passionate about your goals in life, your significant other is probably a good influence on you.

3. You’re confident: Negative influences can lead to a lack of self esteem.  Your partner should be your ultimate champion and should build up your confidence like no one else can.  If this is the case, he’s a keeper!