Cupid's Pulse Article: Tony Romo is Engaged to ‘Gossip Girl’ Star’s Sister, Candice CrawfordCupid's Pulse Article: Tony Romo is Engaged to ‘Gossip Girl’ Star’s Sister, Candice Crawford

Tony Romo is engaged to Chace Crawford’s sister, Chandice Crawford, People reports.  Crawford, a pagent queen and a KDAF-TV anchor in Dallas was out celebrating her 24th birthday when Romo popped the question.  The two began dating in 2009, shortly after Romo broke things off with Jessica Simpson.  The engagement between Tomo and Crawford comes in third behind a slew of newly engaged celeb couples, including Jessica Simpson’s other ex, Nicky Lachey to Vanessa Minnillo and then Simpson’s own engagement to Eric Johnson.  This chain of ex’s getting engaged leaves Cupid asking:

How do you overcome the news of your ex’s engagement?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s hard to feel genuinely happy for an ex when he announces his new engagement.  But instead of stewing, focus on what is going well for you in your own life:

1. The shock factor: It’s normal to be a little hurt when hearing the news that your ex is engaged.  Take some time for to accept the news, and then move on.

2. Realize what you have: You may not have a ring on your finger, but you surely have plenty of other things going on in your life to be proud of, whether thats a promising career or wonderful friends.

3. Remember why you broke up: Your ex is your ex for a reason and even though it may seem like you’re missing out, you’re not.  Grab a friend and relish in the perks of not being tied down.