Cupid's Pulse Article: ABC’s Bachelor Pad Winner David Good Gives Dating Advice to Women in his New Book ‘The Man Code’Cupid's Pulse Article: ABC’s Bachelor Pad Winner David Good Gives Dating Advice to Women in his New Book ‘The Man Code’

“Women have the power to control how men treat them,
how we act and how we are in society.”

By Lori Bizzoco

David Good got a bad rap when he appeared on The Bachelorette: Season 5 (Jillian Harris’ Season) in 2009.  Most infamous for his altercation with former contestant Juan Barbieri and the negative way he used the phrase ‘Man Code’, Good had the opportunity to redeem himself earlier this year on the all-star, spin-off competition Bachelor Pad.  Not only did Good surface from the show as the house favorite (and leader), he won the grand prize of $250,000 with partner Natalie Getz.  Now, the 29-year-old first-time author is using a portion of his winnings to set the record straight about the true meaning of “Man Code” in his new book, The Man Code: A Woman’s Guide to Cracking the Tough Guy.

Good gave Cupid a view of his softer side, while opening up about his country boy roots in West Alexandria, Ohio, and the importance of bringing back more of what he calls the “John Wayne” types.   Of course the interview wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t ask about his relationship status, too.  So, here’s what he had to say:

What was your objective for writing “The Man Code”?

The whole point of the book is for women to realize how much power they have over how men in our country act.  We conform to act the way you want us to in order to get your attention.  Think about this: 80% of women get the children after a divorce, so there is a high percentage of single women raising sons.  Women have control right from the beginning.

What is one way a woman can tell if she’s with a “Man Code” man?
Honesty and truth.  A Man Code man will start out a relationship with nothing, but honesty.  He won’t lie about anything.  Nothing.  There’s no reason to.  If a guy’s lying to you from the beginning, ditch him.   It’s fine not to disclose your deepest thoughts and secrets right away.  But when those things do come up, it’s important to be honest.

How can a woman break down the wall of a tough guy?
Don’t break his trust.   If a guy opens up to you and he confides in you and you run and tell your friend that he shed a tear or got emotional about something and it gets back to his buddies and they laugh at him, he’s going to emotionally shut down from you for a long time.   Once he confides in you, you don’t want to embarrass him or break his trust.  If your guy is finally opening up to you and showing his sensitive side and you run and tell your friends that he was crying in your bedroom and he hears that, he will not open up to you for years to come.

When you used the term “Man Code” on the show, what did the other men think?
A lot of them thought I meant the whole “Bros before Ho’s” thing.  That’s the other side of it.  I did use it in that way when Juan was changing his clothes and being fake and not doing a shot.   But, when they made a mockery of it, that’s when I was like, that’s not what Man Code is really about.  Where I’m from in the heartland of America, it’s a very serious subject.  Men take their work and the way they treat women seriously.  They take pride in what they do.  That’s what provoked me to write the book, because it was taken all out of proportion.

How did the “Man Code” originate?
It started when I was 23 and working with my father.  I was in a grocery store in a small town where I’m from.   I saw a guy who was manhandling his wife out loud and in front of other men in the store.   Nobody was doing anything.  So, I walked over to this guy and just decleated the guy right off his feet.   The lady that he had pushed down on the ground got up and started screaming at ME.   I was so surprised, I didn’t know what was going on.  So, I left my groceries because I didn’t want to get in trouble, and I walked out.  I told my dad what had happened, and somehow we started talking about Man Code.  And that’s kind of how it all originated.  We would always kid around about writing a book about it.

We understand that some of the proceeds from the book are going to cancer research.  Is there a reason you chose that cause?
Yes.  Last year, I was at my best (girl) friend’s house on vacation, and I was asleep when she woke me up because her doctor just called saying that she had cancer.   She was only 29 (she’s 30 now), and to go through that experience with her really hit home.  Then a few weeks ago, my grandfather was diagnosed with stage III cancer.   A percentage of every book sold will go to cancer research.

The question we all want to know David is are you with Natalie?  Were you ever with Natalie?
Natalie and I had a great run on the show, and we were good friends before the show, but no, we aren’t together.  I would never say that we were necessarily boyfriend/girlfriend, but we were put in a very unique situation.   It’s reality TV, but there’s not a lot of reality about flying in private jets, staying in villas and driving Lamborgini’s around.  It’s hard not to fall into all of that.  I really like and respect her.   Obviously, she’s beautiful, but I live 2,000 miles away from her.   We’re great friends still, and we still talk, but “no” we’re not in a relationship.

Good is about to embark on a 120+ city tour. Dates and locations are still being determined.