Cupid's Pulse Article: Katy Perry Takes Russell Brand’s Last NameCupid's Pulse Article: Katy Perry Takes Russell Brand’s Last Name

It’s official: Katy Perry will soon be known as Katy Brand, according to People.   The 26-year-old singer told Ellen DeGeneres that since her wedding on October 23rd, she has been in the process of taking her husband Russell Brand’s last name.   She said that people already call her Mrs. Brand to “try to get my attention… Like if I’m at an event or something like that, and they want special attention, they go, ‘Mrs. Brand!’  And I go shwoosh [looks back].”

How do you decide whether to take your partner’s last name?

Cupid’s Advice:

In a recent survey, 70 percent of Americans said they believe that women should take their husband’s last name when they get married, but is it the right decision for you? Cupid has some things to consider:

1. Family unity: A lot of couples believe that having the same name is an important part of feeling like a family unit when you get married. If you’re concerned about unity, changing your name may be the right choice.

2. Career/identity: You’ve lived with your maiden name for a long time, and it connects you to your parents and siblings. Plus, if you’ve already established yourself professionally, it might actually hurt your career to change your name now.

3. More options: There are more than just two options when you get married. You can also have a hyphenated last name, you can take his name and use your maiden name professionally, or he can take your name!