Cupid's Pulse Article: Advanced Clips: Bravo’s Millioniare MatchmakerCupid's Pulse Article: Advanced Clips: Bravo’s Millioniare Matchmaker

BRAVO’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, Tuesday 12/14 @9/8c: One of Patti’s clients (and a personal friend) this week has a strange love for Bruce Vilanch, but of course this is a match that isn’t going to pan out.  Will Patti be able to find a suitable man for Judith or will her attraction to gay funny men keep her from finding an appropriate mate? Patti’s second millionairess of the week has been so work-focused all her life that she hasn’t given herself a chance to find true love.  Is now the right time for her to let go of some of the control and allow love in or is Patti faced with another impossible-to-please client?

Dreams Do Come True: Patti Stanger invites this millionairess’ ideal match, Bruce Vilanch

Why Love Now: Patti Stanger asks this millionairess why is she looking for love now?