Cupid's Pulse Article: Russell Crowe’s Wife Calls Him ‘Volatile’Cupid's Pulse Article: Russell Crowe’s Wife Calls Him ‘Volatile’

Russell Crowe has a reputation for being brash, egotistical and even violent.  And now for the first time, his wife even admits he can be “volatile,” according to DigitalSpy.  Danielle Spencer, an Australian musician and mother to Charlie and Tennyson, said the media have turned her husband into a “caricature.”  Spencer said, “He’s quite a volatile person, sure, but he also has a very warm and soft and funny side to him, too.  He’s multi-faceted, as most people are, but the media doesn’t allow for shades of grey.”

How do you deal with your partner’s temper?

Cupid’s Advice:

Everyone gets angry sometimes, but some of us have a hard time controlling our temper.  If your partner has that problem, here are some ways to deal:

1. Anger equals passion: If your partner has a temper, it means he is a passionate person who feels deeply.  Keep that in mind before you judge.

2. Seek help: If your mate’s anger gets out of control, suggest therapy or anger management.  Tell them you care about them and want them to be healthy and happy.

3. Get away: You can only live with your partner’s anger issues up to a certain point.  If he becomes violent, leave immediately and call the police.