Cupid's Pulse Article: Former ‘Girl Next Door’ Bridget Marquardt: Reality Show?Cupid's Pulse Article: Former ‘Girl Next Door’ Bridget Marquardt: Reality Show?

Former Girl Next Door Bridget Marquardt has a new reality television show in the works.  What’s her only concern?  Can she and boyfriend Nicolas Carpenter keep their relationship intact?  She told RadarOnline, “It’s kind of fun to be able to share it with my boyfriend, but at the same time I have concerns with that as well…they always say that all these reality show couples end up breaking up and [have] lots of problems and stuff so I’m definitely listening to that and taking that into consideration.  Maybe a formatted show is a better way to go.”  Bridget Marquardt is excited about the show and is also thrilled with her post-playboy life.  She and Nicolas Carpenter, a director, hope to  “…do some more horror movies together where I’m producing and he’s directing and his brother is actually a writer so we kind of have a team here!”

When do you go public with your relationship?

Cupid’s Advice:

It’s always hard to take your relationship public, but before you tell your friends and family, consider a few things:

1. Your intentions: If you want only a brief fling out of your relationship, then there’s no need to tell others, aside from a few close friends.  However, if you hope the relationship will get serious, then tell your family.  They’ll be glad you’ve found someone!

2. Time: Before you tell your friends and family, give the relationship some time.  The old saying, “time will tell” is definitely true in this situation.  If it seems like your relationship is becoming promising, then share.

3. Others’ approval: While you have the freedom to date whomever you like, having your family’s approval is heartwarming.  Before introducing your family to your beau, try envisioning your family’s reaction.  Prepare yourself for the best — and the worst outcomes.